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feature-3 Hoverwatch SMS tracker android https://www.hoverwatch.com is a spying software meant for Windows Pc, Android mobile phones, and Mac operating system. The application tracks your kid's Android Smartphone or company devices used by your employees and records all the phone's information. As a parent, if you want to monitor the activities of your child, all you need is to sign in to your Hoverwatch account, and you will quickly access the location of your kid.

Hoverwatch software also allows you to view your kid's contacts, messages sent and received, as well as shared documents on Facebook, and WhatsApp. With this app, you can easily monitor and prevent your child from accessing inappropriate information from the internet, as well as cyberbullying.

Hoverwatch SMS tracker android main features

  • Track phone location- If your mobile phone Wi-Fi and GPS is switched off, the software will still give you the information about your kid's area using GSM Cell tower.
  • Track Facebook information- As a parent, if you have Hoverwatch tracker installed on your Smartphone, you can quickly access both outgoing and incoming messages such as audio and video files from your kid's phone.
  • Tracking Web browser- The app tracks all the web content of the targeted device including bookmarks, and his or her best sites.
  • Stealth-type of tracking- The application is always invisible immediately it's installed on an Android mobile phone. As a result, it's easy to spy and track someone unnoticed. Also, the software is essential in a circumstance where you don't want the owner of the device you're following to know and understand your secretive activities.
  • Record calls from the target device- Through Hoverwatch software, you can find all the outgoing as well as the incoming calls of the Android phone of your child.
  • Detect if there's SIM card change- Hoverwatch tracker can notify you if the user of the android phone has replaced the SIM card or not. Also, the app detects the SIM phone number that was used to replace the SIM card.
  • SMS Tracking- With Hoverwatch software on your phone, you can view MMS information as well as received messages through message tracker records such as GPS location.

How to install and use Hoverwatch SMS tracker android

Using Hoverwatch tracker to monitor your child is as comfortable than you could imagine. The process involves signing up on the Hoverwatch, preparing the Smartphone to track, and the last step is to monitor and spy all the recorded information.

Therefore, ensure you follow the following in-depth step by step guide on how to install the software and use it to control all the activities of your child.

1. Sign up

Using your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop, visit the Hoverwatch.com official site and then click on the Sign up free button to create an account. In the sign-up, provide your working email address as well as password and then click on the Submit. But remember, you can sign up using your mobile or Pc, but the first thing is to download a single app and PC program.

You will be redirected towards the official page of the Hoverwatch app where you will download either Mac or windows program set of instructions.

2. Next step is to download and install the best tracker

In an open online panel, click on the Add Device button. By adding the device, you will be provided set of instructions on ways of installing the tracker as well as the active link. You will also, find a variety of URLs for many platforms and How to Install steps for every platform.

In the Android bar, you find two sets of links. One that allows you to download the app while the other takes you to the detailed set of instructions and guidelines on how to install it. Open the instructions and connect the android phone of your child using the steps given.

Download the Hoverwatch app and install it on your child's mobile phone. Provide your previously created email address and password to your account immediately the installation process come to an end and activate the service on your phone.

3. Monitor and record all the information about your child

When the app starts to run on either your phone or computer, then your phone will detect the location of your kid using Wi-Fi, GPS, or cell towers. In fact, all the information about your child will automatically display on the Hoverwatch app.

You can also see the Settings tab when you open the online panel. The box allows you to specify how many times the phone should control the specific location of the target device, and also how often it will send the information to the online platform.

Why is Hoverwatch SMS tracker android needed in our lives

Every day new challenges emerge, and you should be able to come up with the best solution to them. The faster growth of advanced technology makes our life more comfortable, but, at the same time, you need to be aware of many some threats that come along with the importance of this technology. Hence, it's vital to use tracking apps like Hoverwatch to protect your children, as well as your businesses.

Children may get access to inappropriate information online such as watching pornography, drug abuse among others. They can also spend most of their time watching their programs and playing games instead of concentrating on their studies. Also, employees may end up disclosing very confidential content about the company, or business without your knowledge. But, all these problems can be solved using tracking system such as Hoverwatch. The application allows you to monitor all the activities on the tracked device and tries to find the solution.

Therefore, as you can see, Hoverwatch software is quite the perfect and most efficient app with many unique spy features. In fact, because of these features, it's now easy and simple to monitor your employees as well as kids. Parents are no longer worried about the activities of their children just because of the emergence of the tracking apps. Why hesitate? Are you still in doubt about the tracking apps? Worry less. Hoverwatch SMS tracker android is here with you, just try Hoverwatch (https://www.hoverwatch.com) out today, and you will discover that you made the best decision ever.

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