Hoverwatch Tracker-The Greatest Tracking App for Your Child

feature-3 Hoverwatch SMS phone tracker for android is a spying software meant for Windows Pc, Android mobile phones, and Mac operating system. The application tracks your kid's Android Smartphone or company devices used by your employees and records all the phone's information. As a parent, if you want to monitor the activities of your child, all you need is to sign in to your Hoverwatch account, and you will quickly access the location of your kid. Read More →

Are Prices of Computer Softwares Justifiable?

feature-3Gone are the days that you will be able to purchase a laptop or even desktop that is already equipped with the latest operating system installed or at least with the basic programs needed. Not unless you have paid an enormous amount of money wherein the priced of all the applications available have been accounted.Though there are still a presence of free softwares and applications that are available, most of them now are either on a trial use or a bit limited for maximum use, wherein you have to end up purchasing the paid apps or software to use it fully. Read More →

Why Computer Softwares are Updating?

feature-2Have you experienced purchasing a software like an antivirus or a software that you’re using for business then, you’ve noticed that suddenly one morning, after connecting to the internet, is seems your laptop or PC has been eating a huge space and then a pop up appears on your screen claiming that one of your newly purchased software few days ago is doing an update that normally takes few seconds to an hour or more, depends on the update of your software and internet speed. Read More →

Latest Computer Software News

feature-1It was a bit surprising and a bit confusing too when it was announced that laptop giants like Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell are found to have a security glitch on their software support (Acer, Samsung, Sony, HP and the likes would surely be laughing. This news is not yet confirmed as we haven’t heard from this top laptop manufacturers yet though, but they are indeed kind of confusing how come they have allowed this to happen in the first place. Mind you I have been using Dell for the last 5 years prior to shifting to Samsung (games purposes lol). Read More →