Get to Know Us

John ThomasHi!

My name is John Thomas, a Software Engineer who works, maintains and built this website from ashes (just a joke, of course.) I created this site with the help of some good old friends who are also in the field Computer related and software development. We are like a family here who eat and breath Softwares and other application related details.

A portion of this website actually came from our previous thesis defence during our college days. We have been longing to create simple website to be patterned with the usual blog site with details as accurate as possible in order to gather all those interested visitors to share their own views and at the same time gain knowledge by subscribing and visiting here from time to time.

Software development and newly mobile phone applications are no big deal during our times, that is why we are proud to say that during those times, how we have gathered evidences and forseen the future that most softwares and modern mobile applications that are nowhere to be heard are now sprouting and providing the needs or every individual and company. We even believed that social media will be the in thing, and even search engine would be the cornerstone of internet marketing.

Now at this age of softwares and mobile application we are here to simply provide those we have mentioned above, and to share our reviews, guidelines and important decision making for those other individuals and even companies to consider taking their time to passby on this site to seek clarification, confirmation, ask for guidelines and even look for reviews on top software brands mostly used on laptops and PCs.

Soon, we will be providing major improvements with this site to attract more upcoming visitors and feel comfortable in sharing their ideas or ask for help. If you have something to share with us, or simply thinking or providing question that you believed could be answered by our staff members or blog visitors, feel free to send us a message through any of the choices coming from our contact pages.